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Resident Evil 6 - coverResident Evil 6 is the ninth installment in the well-established horror game franchise, developed and published by Capcom. Featuring four inter-connected scenarios, each with its own protagonists and distinct type of horror experience, this game aims to please every type of player. It is an intense experience with a lot of incredible moments, although some poor design choices detract from what would have otherwise been a awesome game.





The campaign mode allows players to select between four scenarios, each with an intentionally different design. Each scenario follows one of the four main protagonists: Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield, Jake Muller, and Ada Wong. Except for Ada Wong, these protagonists each have their own partner character that can be controlled either by the computer AI or another human player via local or online multiplayer. The popular Mercenaries game mode also returns (where players fight hordes of enemies), along with several other additional game modes.

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The game features several types of primary enemies, including re-vamped versions of the zombies and the newly introduced J'avo, intelligent humanoid enemies that can utilize weapons and mutate in response to physical trauma. There are also several amazing and horrifically unique boss-type enemies, such as the Lepotitsa, Ubistvo, and Ustanak to name a few.

Much like its modern predecessors, Resident Evil 6 takes a more action-based approach than earlier iterations. In fact, this is undoubtably the most action-packed entry in the franchise, with the game frequently presenting hordes of enemies, massive explosions, and all types of crazy, over-the-top situations to keep players on edge. The horror element is still present, it has just taken on a much more dramatic presentation than in previous games. The roster of terrifying enemies, the tense atmosphere, and panic-inducing situations may still cause you to indadvertedly soil yourself!



Awesome Creatures: This game has no shortage of impressive enemies, often with unique mechanics required to defeat them. Some of my personal favorites are the Nemesis-like Ustanak and the chainsaw-wielding Ubistvo. These are the types of enemies that really instill that sense of fear that this franchise is known for.

Great Environments: The environments are well-designed and really add to the atmosphere. There are many stunning locales ranging from cities under siege to dark, vast catacombs to cramped, cluttered high-rises.

Interesting Narrative Structure: The narrative is revealed through four diverse gameplay scenarios cleverly integrated together. This adds to the replay value and gives a sense of purpose and scale to the overall story.

Resident Evil 6 - Pros



Over-use of Scripted Events: Scripted events often randomly interrupt gameplay and can sometimes result in nearly unavoidable deaths. And while the quick-time events can add a certain visceral sense to the experience, many of these sequences are also fairly predictable and over-used.

Redundant Campaign: Due to the inter-connected scenarios, some situations will be encountered repeatedly and unnecessarily drawn out. Some boss fights are also overly repetitive.

Resident Evil 6 - Cons


Our Verdict 

The game is an incredible experience overall with many defining characteristics of the Resident Evil franchise, but suffers from some unfortunate design issues. While long-time fans of the series might be able to ignore these, others may not be as patient.


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