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Skateboarding is a genre that many video games have tackled in the past some of them belonging to the Tony Hawk series or the recent Skate series but Snowboarding has rarely been touched. It’s a genre similar to skateboarding only it involves snow. Very few games have been able to tackle this genre, one of them being the SSX game. Developed by EA Canada and published by EA Sports, the game is a reboot version of the famous SSX franchise which was released for the PlayStation 2 console. It received generally positive reviews from critics and fans praising it for its reboot effort and better gameplay mechanics coupled with solid sounds and great graphics.

Cool menu style, comic story effect, customize everything:

The global menu system is especially awesome this time around as it really adds to the beauty and charm of this exciting sport. You can customize everything down to the boots and we mean that. The story elements of the game are very neatly done and each character possesses their own comic book story which gives it a great personality. The game has certainly progressed and evolved both in the graphical zone as well as the audio zone too.

Amped up graphics all round, cool environments, nice character models:

The graphics have been taken up many notches in this version and due to the sheer brilliance of the new system the scenery and environments look intense and wonderfully large. The snow capped mountains radiate with sheer perfection and these just amps the fun factor way up. The character models are very well rendered and they are mad stylish giving each of them their own unique personality and style statement. The little details are as impressive as the big ones which make this a wonderful sight to behold in gaming.

Catchy numbers, subtle yet exciting sound effects, great but minimal voice acting:

Crazy and unique beats make a comeback in this version of the game giving it that dance vibe only you have a snowboard to do it with. The cool soundtrack adds to the delectable aura that surrounds the player as he swooshes off the mountain tops and pulls off crazy stunts. There is definitely improvement in the voice acting category but the drawback is that there is very little of the voice acting to talk about. Other sound effects though subtle in their own way leave a mark on the player.

Mad over the top gameplay, cool stunts, nice multiplayer, loads of routes and environments:

The snowboarding in the game is just pure genius. Snowboarding is so crazy and brilliantly fun to do and performing those mad stunts just makes the player’s heart skip a beat. The vast and varied environments add to the fun of the whole experience as they have so many viable routes to take and explore. The multiplayer features have been utilized well as you can compete with thousands of other players to get the final prize of awesomeness. Action and speed are completely over the top in this game and it does not shy away from that area.

Our Verdict 

Overall SSX is a worthy and more than capable successor who takes up the mantle with some style.

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