Over the years I have surrounded myself with distinct and unique amount of action oriented games as well as collectibles which are both rewarding and highly satisfying. Being a huge PC video games freak I like to get my hands onto each and every game available out there. I search the depths of gaming high and low till I come across the best pickings it has to offer. But for me having gaming as a hobby can at times become quite a expensive one to keep. To my benefit I am quite the miser when it comes to budgeting for some gaming action and adventure.

Gaming to me has become life itself and I make sure to grab every kind of collectible there is. From bottle openers to key chains, from super articulate figurines to busts, I gotta have them all. I also realize that there are loads of my brethren out there who equally if not more enjoy this same vigor and excitement for gaming in their lives but end up burning big holes in their pockets. Now to unravel this conundrum on how to save on the big bucks I devised a plan which I would like to share with all my fellow teammates so that they can enjoy every single moment without lightening their wallets.

Picking an action oriented game needs a lot of effort and time if the player wants to save on that dough he has stashed away under his pillow. I can start you off with a mere twenty bucks in your hand and have all the fun taking into consideration most of the genres out there. Here are a few things that should be kept in mind while trying to build your action collection from the ground up.

  • DEALS AND STEALS: Always venture into the market leaving your wallet back at home just to avoid temptation. Search through each shop and mall and decide on the best prices available from various competitors. Some buyers will offer you collectibles along with the game that can be quite a steal. Look for the best possible deal and don’t forget that the internet is your friend too.

  • GO FOR CLASSICS: The best thing for a player to do when he is running low on cash is to pick up classic games that are action oriented. Classics have made their mark in gaming history and will not fail you and the best part is that they cost you almost nothing.

  • PICK YOUR GENRE: Action oriented games can vary from genre to genre. Strategy games offer action oriented games with high amounts of puzzles and tasks to overcome. FPS games on the other hand give straightforward objectives but have high amounts of action packed awesomeness filled within them. The key here is to filter through these genres to end up with your choice of poison to enjoy at the end of the day.

I believe that by keeping these tips in mind you will soon be on your way of crafting the perfection collection of action-oriented games from a meager 20 buck budget.