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Will Wright has been tied to many projects over the years but perhaps the one project or series that he is best known for is The Sims series. It has spanned over years and has completely revolutionalised the strategic life simulation genre. Will Wright has gone through many steps to incorporate the best of elements within the series and over the years has launched different versions which are all a masterpiece in their own distinctive way. The newest addition in the series is The Sims 3 along with the many expansions which are sure to follow. Developed by The Sims Studio and published by Electronic Arts, the game stays true to the key core gameplay mechanics with all sorts of added elements that make this a worthy successor.

Core gameplay remains unchanged, new additions, loads to do, humour is back:

The game is certainly polished to perfection. The Sims 3 takes everything we know about the Sims universe and builds on it making it bigger and better. It urges the player to break out with his most creative ideas and build himself a paradise to live in. New neighbourhood open world exploration is especially a fun addition. There is so much to do in this version that it will keep you occupied for months on end. That familiar humour is back and even funnier than usual giving the game a nice tone. It’s an all star game and really does well by taking on the mantle.

Visually great and impressive, nice character models, good lighting effects:

What can one expect from Sims 3 when it comes to graphics?? Well it doesn’t break any barriers but does a neat job of improving on the overall aspect of visual representation of the game. Its environments are beautiful to stare at and will indulge you with the impressive surroundings. The neighbourhood looks awesome too even though it’s in the distance. Character models are certainly impressive along with good lighting effects. The world is definitely believable and makes for a great getaway.

Simlish, lovely soundtrack and music, aptly placed audio effects:

Simlish is always the way to go and there aren’t many changes here. The music provides a happy and lovely tone to the background which has its highs and lows according to the player’s moods. Sound effects are crisp and so clear which making sitting through an entire conversation an extreme pleasure. Overall the musical soundtrack has perfected the art of being melodious and shifts according to every scenario to fit perfectly among the situations.

Vast open world, lots to explore, excellent humour, new additions, long lasting appeal:

The core mechanics of the game remains much of the same as the player decides the fate of his Sims counterpart s. The player can lead his Sims to a roaring success or lead them down a burning road complete with mental and physical breakdowns. The humour is an excellent part of the game that shines with brilliance. The sheer expanse of this game is captivating as the player can interact with so much more within such a large scope. There is tons of new additions that put forth a platter of creative skills to tap into. Its appeal is endless and is sure to keep one occupied forever and ever.

Our Verdict 

The Sims 3 is a worthy successor and a great new addition to the series. It definitely will have expansions and it will be fun to see how those turn out. But for now one can bask in the glory of The Sims 3.

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