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The golf course has often been inhabited with some seriously great games over the years and most of them have come to be inducted into the hall of fame. That would not be in the case of Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. Developed by EA Tiburon and published by EA Sports, this instalment in the PGA series is an apple that has fallen far away from the tree indeed. It has your basic golfing tournaments with new modes that were boasted of being great but they do not live up to the hype at all. In fact this is one of the weaker instalments in the entire series. It received mixed reviews out of which several were negative and did nothing to impress the gaming community.

New additions but mostly old gameplay, horrible add-on content, visually ok:

It’s astounding and surprisingly as to how this instalment brings almost next to nothing new to the table. Most of it is old hat barring a few new additions that are supposed to help the game gain attention. The add-on content here ruins the mood as it replaces that old and lovely TV broadcast vibe. New mode follows Tiger’s legacy but it is not impressive at all. Visually it’s just ok and passes the test with a grade C. Learning curve is not only steep but tiresome.

Great characters and animations, bad texture pop ups and frame rates:

The graphical elements in the game are only passable leaving out the character models which are very well rendered. Environments seem quite and reflect serenity but lack that true golfing factor. Lighting effects are just normal and minimal at its best. The animations play out well though and feel alive when being watched. It does however suffer from frame rate problems and those damn irritating texture pop ups which ruin the whole mood and squeeze out all the fun from it.

Horrific commentary, nice music:

The announcers are just pathetic and have a flair for repeating themselves over and over again. The chill soundtrack however saves the day as it is well placed and keeps the player’s mood in high spirits. Sound effects of the club swinging and the crowd roaring are nothing to rave about but do a pretty neat job overall.

New additions, huge career mode, great country club feature, Tiger legacy is a letdown:

This is where it gets hard to write as there isn’t much to talk about since most of the game is what everyone has seen before. There are a few additions in the form of content and gameplay but nothing too exciting. There is a lot of content in career mode however which is a pleasure with over 16 courses and much more which is sure to keep the eager gamer pasted to his seat. There are extremely accurate controls this time which make it a bit easier to handle. The country club feature is very promising. Tiger’s legacy is a journey that most players would not want to undertake as it just a waste of time and energy. There is a wonderfully new swing system that has been introduced but learning that and perfecting it will get you to rip your hair out.

Our Verdict 

Definitely not a worthy successor, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 does a paltry job at living up to everyone’s expectations but it is an entertainer in the end and does so fairly ok with its new features and gameplay elements.

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