The Toy Story franchise has got a number of medals under its belt which has placed it as one of the most loved animated movie franchise by all. When Toy Story 3 released it garnered a lot of critical appreciation and respect for being a fantastic movie and highly entertaining. It currently is the highest grossing animated movie of all times. In commendation to the series, Publisher Disney Interactive Studios and developer Avalanche Software, Asobo Studio and n-Space together created Toy Story 3: The Video Game. The game is loosely based on the movie and takes the player on an adventure where he controls popular characters from the franchise to go on various adventures.

Fantastic representation of Toy Story world and lots of stuff to do:

The toy world comes alive in this wonderfully created game. Each nook and cranny is filled with Toy Story goodness which will keep the player glued to the screen for hours. Lots of stuff to do and additional missions are fun to play through. Young ones will enjoy the story and entertaining experience that the game carries with it. Narrative is different from that of the movie and clunky controls break the continuity of the fun.

Visually magnificent and realistic makes it a great experience:

The graphics are very neat and well drawn out throughout the story mode and Toy Box mode making it a pleasure to tread through. Each character is detailed to perfection making you feel as if you’re controlling the actual toys. Environments are sharp and lighting is done very well so as to show off the brilliance in the graphics. Visual elements are stunning no matter which level one may play through.

Brilliant sound effects along with a stellar soundtrack give it superb audio appeal:

Sound artists and voice over artists do a splendid job and most of the cast returns to reprise their roles in the game. Excepting Tom Hanks (Woody) and Tim Allen (Buzz Lightyear), all the other characters are voiced by their respective voice over artists. Other than that the audio is great and abuzz with great sound effects. The soundtrack is also wonderful to listen to as it gels well with the environments and the action taking place in them.

Gameplay is entertaining and enjoyable, cumbersome controls and camera angles are frustrating:

The story has its own twists and turns which portrays some moments from the movie itself. The player will get a chance to control his favourite characters that each has their unique abilities. Each of the characters has missions related to them which make it fun to complete. There are loads of gameplay tasks that are highly enjoyable. The Toy Box mode is a wonderful addition to the world as it has tons of missions to complete. There is also a co-op mode which allows the player and a friend to traverse through the levels together which doubles the fun. The clunky controls and often irritating camera angles can become a small hindrance on the road to fun.

Overall Toy Story 3: The Video Game is a fun experience for most of the players especially catering to the younger audience. Apart from the problematic controls and camera, the game is a delight to get your hands onto.