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Ever wanted to bolster the inner artist within you and help him release his creativity into the world? Well now you can as developers THQ came out with an ingenious idea called the uDraw GameTablet which is a gaming graphics tablet. It has a pressure-sensitive stylus that allows players to draw beautiful creations and then view them on a big screen. The tablet is motion sensitive which lets the player tilt and roll the device to affect gameplay mechanics. So to accompany this release THQ decided to release a game called uDraw Studio: Instant Artist that would fully utilize the potential of this great device. It pushes the player to use a variety of tools and colours to bring alive his creation on the big screen.

Excellent learning platform, loads of options, less instructions:

Lack of instructions included with the game makes it a bit complicated for newcomers to get around. If the player knows Paint he would have no problem however. It is a great platform to test a person’s creativity while encouraging them to become the next Picasso. Lots of customization options which will help the player to create his masterpiece without any fuss. Ideal for a younger audience as it will help them to learn a lot.

Lovely graphics which are sharp and crisp keeping it fresh: As imagined the graphical interface is pretty neat. It has sharp edges and corner making it fit easily into the player’s screen. There are a variety of colour palettes and tones perfectly crafted to add to the beauty of the player’s creation. Lighting effects are normal. Visual elements revolve around the interface of the program and are basic but could have been better.

Nice sound effects along with cute soundtrack:

Nothing really to talk about in this area as the game or virtual software is all about creating pictures and masterpieces for visual pleasure and not audio brilliance. Paint strokes, splatter sounds, spray paints all come fitted with audio effects that are well suited to each of them. A cute soundtrack adds to the creating experience.

Great way to learn with easy controls and loads of options:

The uDraw Studio and tablet can be played over PlayStation3, Wii and Xbox 360. It comes complete with a stylus that eases the player into creating a portrait or image to his liking. It has a much deeper effect on the player than expected as it lets him delve into the area of art and beauty. It does have a few faults but this does not stop it from performing really well. There are a few starter lessons provided though newcomers may find this to be incomplete. Players who are experienced with paint will be able to jump right in and start painting, spraying and splatting to make the ultimate art piece. Apart from this there are loads of options and features that help the player in creating that one of a kind image. The final creations can be shared and uploaded so as to boast about the superb skills the player harnesses. The general accuracy of the software application is a bit on the wobbly side but nothing really to get bothered about. It does not have professional quality but will sure enough keep you interested in it.

With the help of uDraw Studio at their side, players will be able to hone their artistic skills and truly
live out an interesting experience.

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