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Which is the best place a player can get bone crunching action coupled with solid entertainment? Its UFC Undisputed 3 of course. Developed by Yuke’s and published by THQ, the game offers an in-depth look at the world of mixed martial arts from a pure action packed standpoint. The player is thrust into the world of mixed martial arts where he has to fend for himself using absolute and utter raw power in the ring in order to climb the ranks and claim victory. This game features an all new presentation of the MMA world and does it with some precision so as to give the player an accurate experience. The game more or less received positive reviews from fans and critics along with gaining some pretty neat scores all around.

MMA world well presented, Tons of new videos, great look to the fights, tons of changes:

Mastery of the MMA world as it is represented with sheer quality. There are tons of new videos and interviews with various real fighters. The entrance themes have a certain realistic vibe to them as they fit perfectly into the world. The developers have done a great job of giving a slick Pay-Per-View look to the fights which encourage the player to push on. There are loads of new additions to the gamestyle apart from a barrage of new changes that make the game super cool.

Real life fighter likenesses, awesome graphics, nice visual effects, crisp environments:

The graphics are very well rendered within the game providing it with a film of sheer brilliance. Character models are superbly crafted with real life fighter likenesses added to them. This increases the fun by double the amount. Even the bruising marks are left behind after a good slog adding to the element of realism of the game. However the created fighters look really dull and void of any kind of action packed awesomeness. Environments are great as rings gleam with beauty and later get covered with gored images of a battered fight.

Normal music, normal commentary, excellent sound effects, Bas Rutten rocks:

There isn’t much to talk about in the sound department as it is more or less normal. The commentary is nice but tends to get repetitive after some time. Bone crunching sound effects along with punches connecting with faces sound epic and instil a sense of excitement with every connection the player makes. Bas Rutten’s commentary in Prime mode is fulfilling and so damn awesome.

Easy fight mechanics, better career mode, tons of unlockables, helpful tutorial:

Fighting mechanics are so great and the best part is that this time around one can master them without breaking a thumb or two. The game includes a robust career mode which has tons of unlockables to collect. It is also highly rewarding to climb the ladder of the MMA world. The new submission system rewards players for skill rather than fluke controlling. Tutorials are a great help as they hold your hand every step of the way. Ultimate fights mode helps the player to rewrite history which is cool. The title defence mode is lengthy and since it lacks a save option, it gets frustrating.

Our Verdict 

UFC: Undisputed 3 is by far the best MMA fighter out there and in the series. It will fulfil the player’s neck breaking, submission holding, and punch throwing wishes. Plus it will keep him busy for long hours.



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