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Nathan Drake returns once more to take us on a wild adventure in his third instalment in the popular Uncharted series called Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. After the massive and huge success that Uncharted 2: Among Thieves garnered, developers Naughty Dog and publishers Sony Computer Entertainment America decided to up their game with this latest instalment. The player once again takes control of the adventurous, charming, butt-kicking treasure hunter Nathan Drake along with his mentor Victor Sullivan to face new and exciting dangers. The game won major awards and received high amounts of critical appreciation while fulfilling the gaming community’s deepest desires. 

Great cinematography, lovely characters, wonderful plot, beautiful visuals, engaging multiplayer:

The cinematography of the game takes the player through another well drawn out adventure. The story telling elements are fantastic and draw the player in. The player gets to see the evolution of relationships on a whole throughout the story. New gameplay as well as new characters add to the core pleasure of the game. Improved graphics and motion capture technology is certainly a sight to behold in the latest addition. The multiplayer is also ironed out and has a lot of fun stuff to do.

Amazing, astounding, awesome. Naughty Dog outdid itself this time:

The graphics are the best available right now on the PS3 platform and are sure to please all those die-hard Nathan Drake fans. Character models are much better and built up to perfection along with the use of some fantastic motion capture technology. Every wrinkle, each drop of water, each grain of sand speaks of the brilliance that Naughty Dog has put into the game. Visual elements are top of the line which gives the player a truly inspiring experience.

Astounding soundtrack, excellent voice acting, cool sound effects:

The soundtrack will give you goosebumps as you traverse through each level. Right from the very first screen till the credits roll at the end, the music leaves the player with a truly electrifying feeling. Voice acting once again is exceptionally good with every actor playing his role to perfection. Sound effects are very well placed throughout the game and aptly fit the scenes.

Improved gameplay, tactical approach, action evolution, great multiplayer:

Gameplay elements have definitely improved compared to the first two games in the series. Climbing, jumping, shimmying has all been tweaked so as to make these elements better in order to make traversal through levels much smoother. Shooting and aiming has been sharpened which makes pulling off headshots easier with high precision. Players will be amazed to see the action evolving throughout the game and how the adventure seamlessly integrates within the cinematic feel of the game. Many relationships evolve in this adventure giving the story a much deeper tone and intensifying it. The use of tactical approach is a delight during gunfights which make the action superfluous. Each step Drake takes is packed with so much of adventure the player will never want to stop. Multiplayer is highly satisfying and rewarding making it better than ever. 

Our Verdict 

Overall Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is a highly rewarding experience and will keep the player glued to his seat drooling over the amazing visual treat the game has to offer. Only question that remains now is that how on earth will Naughty Dog top this?

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