Over the years the gaming industry has had a huge impact on popular culture, while amassing loads of respect and popularity. The movie business has also taken the gaming culture under its microscope to go ahead and create original scripts to depict popular characters from our favorite games. Though this was a wonderful tactic, it failed miserably because the movies never were successful at the box office, due to the weak scripts, unfit cast, horrible directors, and other such factors. This brought down the wrath of the gaming community on these movies as they were trashed and ridiculed.

This is about to undergo a drastic change, as popular video games are going to get their very own movies that hopefully are complete with fantastic and relative scripts, amazing casts, and honorable directors. A while back there were rumors about BioShock being converted into a movie but the idea was shot down as to keep the integrity of the game safe and sound. News has been popping up all over the internet that certain video game movies are currently in the pipeline, and hope to make it big at the box office.

Unlike movies like BloodRayne and Hitman which is based on the popular BloodRaybe series and Hitman series, which flopped miserably at the box office, due to various problems, these movies hope to make it big. One of the most surprising and wacky ideas for a video game movie is of the  Angry Birds. As crazy as it sounds, this movie indeed might just hit a theater near you. The question is whether the movie will be successful, or will people just open up their phones and start to kill some piggies while the film is in progress. The next would be Deus ex, which has a world full of espionage and political embroilment. This movie might even work if it is able to pull off that whole cyberpunk theme complete with jaw dropping augmentations.

Devil May Cry is in the run too, but may just end up being a pipe dream because you cannot depict a hack and slash game without mindless hacking and slashing? Need for Speed has its hands full because of ‘The fast and the furious’ series so it needs to step its game up a notch in order to benefit from the box office. Warcraft the massively successful MMO  is also getting its movie with Duncan Jones, sitting at its helm and a whopping budget of 100 million dollars to back it up. The problem is that the universe of warcraft is vast and explaining it will become tedious. Critically acclaimed Shadow of the Colossus will make it to the big screen in hopes to enchant and entice us all once again. Directing this one would be super hard as it would mean taking the story and giving it an extreme facelift in the form of dialogues. That’s tough.

The Assassin’s Creed series might well get its movie franchise as well and would probably do well too as long as they have a proper script that does not confuse the viewer too much. Lara Croft as Tomb Raider would be epic to watch over some popcorn but again the story needs to be compelling and impressive unlike Angelina Jolie’s other attempts. Having Angelina Jolie play Lara once again will be a bonus though. And finally Portal. This one would be really interesting to see on a big screen just to know how the director would approach such a theme rife with puzzle platforming.