The gaming world is rife with many MMO’s (Massive Multiplayer Online games) floating all over the place which allows the gamers to choose their own destiny. While there have been many MMO’s that have created a major impact on the way the genre has evolved, only once in a blue moon there comes an MMO that simply takes your breath away. Wildstar is that ass-kicking game that is sure to make most of us pee our pants out of sheer excitement.

There are loads of competitors on the market that boast of delivering the best in online gaming which makes Wildstar’s task an even harder one to achieve. Wildstar is here to prove a point and the point is ‘Serious freakin fun’. It is built around mechanics that defy the norms of MMOs allowing the player to do all sorts of crazy stuff with his persona. Levelling up, gaining new abilities, finding friends, quests and tasks like these are common on the world of Nexus but there are some real out of the box features that game holds that is sure to blow you sky high.

  1. RACES: Wildstar is home to some of the coolest and wackiest races around for the player to choose from. The races are split into two factions, one being the Exiles and the other Dominions. Both of these factions are a class apart and will each enjoy goodies and player boosts according to the races. From super advanced robo-warriers like Mechari to beer guzzling Granok, Wildstar has ‘em all.

  2. PATHS: The player will have an opportunity to choose from four distinct and unique paths being the explorer, the scientist, the soldier and the settler. Each path lets the user develop his character according to the choices he makes. For example a scientist will delve into the Nexus world finding and gathering new information, while the soldier will be involved in epic battles smashing open everyone’s head.

  3. CLASSES: Players also have the ability to choose from a standard set of classes that are exceptional in their own way. There are currently a total of 6 classes out of which 2 are still a mystery to us. Players can choose a class called ‘Esper’ to rain havoc over his enemies’ feeble minds or that of a ‘Spellsinger’ where he can riddle his enemies with cold steel.

  4. REGIONS: There are loads of regions that allow the player to search high and low to make a name for them. They can join up with friends online to make their very own death fortress to later capture ferocious realms.

  5. HOUSING: Perhaps the most exclusive feature that Wildstar possesses is that of housing. The player has a choice to make his very own humble abode on the planet of Nexus to house all his fantasies. He can upgrade the house with superior items that help him in gaining XP over time. He can also construct various sub plots around his house to hold gardens, training areas, mines and the whole lot.

Wildstar is sure to create a bang within the MMO scene while providing the player the chance to make a name for himself and conquering Nexus to become the ultimate warrior.