The Harry Potter series has certainly enjoyed its fair share and much more of appreciation and respect from critics and fans alike. It has gone on to set records and win numerous awards in the various genres of popular culture. It transported the reader to a magical realm where casting spells and flying atop brooms as normal. Now Sony PlayStation 3 wants the player to actually feel that he is a part of a living breathing magical realm with the release of their PS Move game called Wonderbook: Book of Spells. It is a great augmented reality adventure that allows the player to witness and experience spell casting at Hogwarts.

  • Harry Potter and his world are aptly introduced and kept alive within the mechanics and gameplay of the world

The wonderful augmented reality certainly captures the beauty of Hogwarts and all that is to do with the famous Harry Potter series. It captures the magic and wonder that is portrayed within the Potter lore and makes the player believe that he certainly is the next great magician. The game keeps the player bolted down to his seat bringing forth a rich experience.

  • The visuals and pretty neat to look at and do a swell job of bringing Hogwarts into your bedroom

Graphics are wonderfully portrayed giving the player the feeling that he actually is in training at the wizardly grounds. Visually the environments are stunning with believable characters and magical spells that come alive with the wave of your wand (Uh...Move). The colours and lighting amalgamate to give the player a truly immersive experience.

  • The sounds combine with the sights to bring forth a piece of masterful art

The sound quality is brilliant as the player can feel the music flowing through every pore of the game. It has a melodic thrill to it which enchants the player into moving on and taking up each challenge with a smile on their faces. Trumpets blare, magic ensues within each tone to give the player a truly unique soundtrack.

  • Immersive gameplay will suck the player into the world and give him an exciting adventure to live through

The gameplay is highly exciting as it allows the player to cast spells with the swish of his wand and conjure up numerous wacky and powerful spells. The player is seated comfortably into the game while allowing them to choose a house, pick up a wand of your choice, open the book of spells to begin their adventure. The player has to start at a lower level to achieve success and finally graduate to more powerful ones. Soon he is battling giant monsters and commanding difficult spells without flinching. It’s a shame that there are no multiplayer options that could have been a lot of fun but the player can share the wand with his friends to take on a set of tasks in an order.

Book Of Spells is a wonderful game but lacks in the story related aspect as it fizzles out at the end thus stripping it of any replay value it might have had. Although it might not appeal to adults, it will certainly capture the attention of the young ones in the family. . The ability to cast spells and bring things to life out of thin air is a tempting and rewarding feature that is sure to please the little ones.