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The World Wrestling Entertainment business or more popularly known as the WWE has been leading the entertainment zone since decades and has aptly provided us with adrenaline pumping over the top action. It was every boy’s and man’s dream to perform a death defying leap from the top ropes on their battered enemies but proved to be too dangerous in the end and the idea was shelved. In order to solve this conundrum there have been many video games that allowed the player to perform these thrilling acts but none have done it quite as well as WWE ’12. Developed by Yuke’s and published by THQ, the game features an all new dramatic feeling giving the player more freedom along with better gameplay.

WWE world comes alive; Wrestlers feel real, Dramatic experience, crass reversal system:

The WWE world is aptly portrayed and lets the player live through being an actual wrestler while he belabours his opponents. The WWE experience is even more dramatic than ever as it gives the player an actual lifelike experience. The disappointing part is the story element which needs a lot more polish. Wrestlers look great and control better than ever before making the gameplay smooth except for the clunky reversal system. Along with this there are also loads of customization options.

Great graphical presentation, Wrestlers could have used sharpening, Enhanced realism:

The graphics are great but definitely could have been better. Certain areas could have been tweaked to give it a more complete look like the wrestlers being a little more realistic. The ring and ramp are superbly crafted along with the other environments which have sharp features. Lighting effects are crucial and are done well bringing perfection to the firework displays for each wrestler. Since the graphics are so neat and well drawn out it brings that lifelike feeling and enhanced realism to the game.

Cool soundtrack, nice sound effects, wrestlers voices void of passion:

The soundtrack is amazing and brings a sense of excitement to the gameplay. All the music which a player expects right down to the wrestler’s intros is present within the game. Sound effects like the fireworks going boom or a chair hitting a wrestler on the head are perfect. The wrestler’s voices are also done very well though it does lack that passion that they possess on the television.

Core mechanics are better, fluid combat system, unbalanced AI, online gameplay:

The core mechanics of the game have been greatly increased while keeping all the heart pumping action intact. The player can pull of some pretty neat moves while impressing himself with the fluidity of the combat system. The clunky grapple systems from the past games have been done away with. All these elements are great to pull off but unfortunately the single player does not let the player utilize these too much. The unbalanced AI is troublesome, the reversal system is broken, and the story mode is over-scripted leaving the game feeling incomplete. Other than that there are loads of customization options that can allow the player to get exactly what he wants. Online gameplay is great but the interface isn’t.

Our Verdict 

All in all WWE ’12 is a great experience that often gets marred by the terrible problems and glitches that plague the gameplay as well as the over-exaggerated storyline.


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