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Fitness and fun is a rare combination one finds in the realms of videogames as one field implies pure simple fun and the other hard workout regimes. So in order to combine these two very different and distinct fields into one wholesome and exciting experience we get Zumba Fitness 2. Developed by Zoe Mode and published by Majesco Entertainment, the game features a quirky mix of pure fun and entertainment along with a superb workout regime which comes in the form of DANCE. Much like its predecessor Zumba Fitness 2 works on the core element of fitness combined with dance and greatly improves on it. But it does fall flat due to the fatal flaws that it inducts into the system which does put a damper on the whole situation.

New songs, improved graphics, added dancers:

A great new variety of songs will make you want to shake a leg and burn all those calories right off. Standard dancers this time take the stage throwing their silhouette counterparts to a side. It’s a nice addition but does nothing whatsoever to add to the fun. Graphics have got a pretty neat makeover which was much needed in comparison to the first in the series. Busting a move although can be quite a task due to the clunky controls and gameplay mechanics. 

Great backgrounds, groovy lighting, smooth animations:

The visual elements have been taken up a notch where real dancers take the stage to perform to the energetic Latin numbers and popular artists. Backgrounds get a bit more exciting in this version as they have a certain charm to them and add to the overall experience. Lighting as always is full of neon based disco settings that cast a lovely shadow on the whole area. The animations are pretty good for a fitness game and the background dancers do a good job too whenever they are present.

Exciting soundtrack, rhythmic music, energetic dance numbers:

The sound is what should outshine everything in this game and it does in certain areas. This time around there are popular artists like Pitbull and Nicole Scherzinger who burn up the stage with their peppy numbers but the majority of the soundtrack is a host of Latin songs that bring back the fun in calorie burning excitement. The music does have the right sense of energy to it so it does feel fun moving and shaking your hips to the numbers let along exercising to it.

Great fitness game, bad controls, no challenge, bad preview pane:

The gameplay hasn’t changed much and this is where it falls flat. The Wii mote is given full attention in the series but the flaws in the system do not allow the players to utilize it properly. The controls are just not responsive and require the player to violently perform each move for it to get registered and earn star ratings. This can become irritating as the player needs to perform well to progress through the levels. Another thing that stands out is the horrible preview pane that pops up to show the next move to the player. It is often incomplete and leaves the player in the dark. The gameplay lacks challenge as each setting from easy to hard is almost the same which is such a pity.

Our Verdict 

Zumba Fitness 2 isnt what youd call a great sequel in any way. It performs well as a fitness game but still needed a lot more polish for a better experience.

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