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Martin Fury
Binds when picked up
Item Level 1
Use: The caster commits suicide, instantly killing themself.
100 Charges
Sell Price: 7

From World of Warcraft, this item was accidentally (or some believe purposely) given to a player on Vek'nilash-US. The player’s account was hacked. Months later Blizzard decided to send him several items after restoring his account and low and behold on his lvl 13 warlock one Martin Fury was in his in-game mail box.

The player gave it to Karatechop who, using his best judgment, decided to use the item during an 10 Ulduar run. It was also used on Maly, 25man OS, and 25man Ulduar. All told Karatechop used it 14 times. Ultimately his account as well as several other accounts we banned.