1997 Street Fighter Tournament Trophy & Framed T-Shirt

$5,000.00 USD

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Capcom originally manufactured 3 bronze statues to use at E3 as part of the Street Fighter 2 Tournament. There was a large identical statue given to the winner of the competition who got to keep it for 1 year until the following tournament.  This was obtained from a former Capcom employee.  There were only 2 of these statues made of this size. The 3rd one is the larger one which was given to the winner to hold for a period of one year until the next tournament at E3. These were manufactured in 1997+- and use for about 3 years. It is not sure if these were manufactured for sample or pre-production units. The larger one was giving to a magazine "Tips and Tricks" or "Video Game Magazine" (to the best of the employees knowledge).

The statue is made of metal/bronze, 13.5" tall and weighing approximately 8 lbs and shows patina in sections.

The piece is branded on the bottom 'Made in China' and bare the Capcom name. This item is 100% authentic and obviously very rare being that these are the only 2 in the world.
The tee shirt also was from the tournament and is now framed to go with the trophy.  These would make excellent display pieces in a video game room or barcade.